Our Commitment to the Campus Community


We live in alignment with our principles and are thoughtful about how we influence each other, teach our students, advocate for the betterment of the community, and act as agents of change for a better world.


Exceeding expectations in the standards we set, the results we produce, the relationships we are in, and the dedicated service we provide are essential to serving students and enhancing their experience on campus.


We remove internal boundaries because the aspirations of the University and our commitment to excellence demand it; we must share information, promote teamwork, and think creatively to make this happen.


We are caring, respectful, and encouraging to each of our customers and to each other. Because we are sensitive to individual needs, we actively listen and seek ways to improve the student experience.


We respect each other, we are inclusive, we profoundly value who each of us is as a whole person, and we unite against oppression.


Each of us uniquely contributes to the acquisition of knowledge in order to enhance individual learning and gain perspective on the human condition.


We are committed to fostering creative expression, advocating student exploration, and supporting developmental journeys that encourage students to live with passion and reach their fullest potential.