Student Organization Council

Apply for UNC Asheville Student Organization Council 2018-19!


Mission Statement & Purpose

The Student Organization Council serves as a governing board aiming to support recognized student organizations through comprehensive resources that benefit the campus community and foster success. Details of the Council's structure and position responsibilities can be found here in the SOC Constitution; note that details regarding the Campus Commission process will soon be updated in the Constitution.

Council Members

Chair [expected to oversee all meetings, provide and set the meetings agenda, meet regularly with the Associate Director of Programming, vote in the case of a tie, preform any duties agreed upon by the majority]: Rachel Maynard

Director of Finance [expected to communicate all requests to the Chair, communicate all council decisions to the organizations requesting funding, update Council on budgetary status]: Logan Ponder

Director of Marketing and Communication [expected to organize and send weekly communications, act as liaison to Highsmith Student Marketing Manager, keep track of social media accounts]: Taylor Beyrer

Director of Organizational Capacity [expected to organize collaboration forums, ensure student orgs are aware of resources available, organize and facilitate Presidents Roundtable, active aid student organizations]: Maggie Clerkin, Peyton Sheehan

Programming Supervisors [overseeing day-to-day of student org concerns, tracking student org spending and requirements, handling of NowPoints]: Meredith McLain, Tim Hussey.

Spring Meeting Dates

If you wish to request funds from the Student Organization Council, please view the Spring Meeting and Request Schedule.