Most rooms in Highsmith Student Union will be offline until Spring 2019. If you need an alternative space for a meeting or event, please visit our list of alternative spaces. For additional assistance, please contact the Reservations Team at 828-251-6600.

The Reservations Team is here to assist all UNC Asheville community members with finding and requesting the ideal space for your event(s). From one-time meetings and banquets, to weekly meetings, to semesterly seminars our team is here to help. If you have any questions, please contact us.

We look forward to hosting your event! 

Highsmith Student Union

First Floor Meeting Spaces

Swannanoa River Room - HIG 125 (formerly 104)

This room is set as a seminar room for 30 or more, with tables in a large rectangle, with chairs. The furniture in this rooms does not leave the room. Any changes to the set up must be returned to the conference rectangle. This room is smart, with a built-in projector, screen and laptop, as well as DVD- and cable TV-viewing capability. Smart materials must be requested. (Room diagram) (Room photograph)

Display Tables

Student groups and departments can reserve tables to use for promoting and displaying their group/event. (Outside groups are charged a fee.) There are 3 spaces available. Tables are set out the day of reservation.


Performance Spaces

The Grotto - HIG 108

  • Located on the first floor
  • Coffee-house atmosphere for 80+ people, with divider wall down
  • Includes built in 23' x 16' wood stage, audio inputs on front of stage, and stage lighting (minimal)
  • Green-room available
  • Cannot be changed or altered, except by special request
  • If an Event Tech is required for audio or lighting support, payment is the responsibility of the group and 3 weeks advance notice is required
  • This room does have smart capabilities, with input for a laptop and built-in projector and screen
  • It also has DVD- and cable-TV viewing capabilities (Room diagram)


Please Note: Charges are in effect for certain room use. Failure to pay invoices will result in suspension of reservation privileges.

Spaces Outside of Highsmith

In addition to Highsmith Student Union, the Highsmith Reservations Team also reserves Brown Hall, academic classrooms spaces, and outdoor spaces.

Brown Hall Meeting Rooms:

  • BRO 217
  • BRO 218/219

Outside spaces include: 

  • The University Quad
  • Highsmith Plaza 
  • Mullen Park 
  • Reed Plaza 
  • AC Reynolds Green 

Rental Fees

  • Highsmith Student Union spaces are free to UNC Asheville student organizations and campus groups using the space for events specifically designed for the campus community. If additional equipment must be rented from an off-campus vendor, the sponsoring group must cover those costs.  The Union staff will make arrangements for equipment rentals, with input from the sponsoring group.
  • Organizations and departments using Highsmith space will be charged a rental fee for events not specifically designed for members of the UNC Asheville campus community.
  • Off-campus groups and events organized by university employees acting beyond the scope of their employment will be charged rental fees.
  • Student groups & departments charging an admission fee will be charged the group B rate. All others will be charged according to the chart below.
  • Groups holding events requiring security officers are responsible for paying for those services.  The Union staff will determine the type, qualifications and number of security officers required.  The Union staff will make all arrangements for security.
  • Off-campus groups will be charged for additional equipment (see below).
  • Rental Fee amounts are determined by the following categories:
    • GROUP A: Events run by a campus department or recognized student organization that are specifically designed for the campus community.
    • GROUP B: Educational events not specifically designed for the campus community, but conceptualized, planned, managed, and paid for by a UNC Asheville organization or department
    • GROUP C: Educational events run by a non-profit, school or government agency
    • GROUP D: Non-educational events or any event run by a for-profit company

Rentable Spaces

The Grotto

  • A: No charge.
  • B: $100 (1-4 hrs.) | $200 (4+ hrs.)
  • C: $150 (1-4 hrs.) | $300 (4+ hrs.)
  • D: $300 (1-4 hrs.) | $600 (4+ hrs.)

Swannanoa River Room (HIG 125)

  • A: No charge.
  • B: $75 (1-4 hrs.) | $150 (4+ hrs.)
  • C: $100 (1-4 hrs.) | $200 (4+ hrs.)
  • D: $200 (1-4 hrs.) | $400 (4+ hrs.)

Highsmith Table Spaces

  • A: No charge
  • B: N/A
  • C: $150/day
  • D: $250/day

Large Brown Hall Meeting Room (BRO 217)

  • A: No charge.
  • B: $75 (1-4 hrs.) | $150 (4+ hrs.)
  • C: $100 (1-4 hrs.) | $200 (4+ hrs.)
  • D: $200 (1-4 hrs.) | $400 (4+ hrs.)

Small Brown Hall Meeting Room (BRO 218, BRO 219) per room

  • A: no charge
  • B: $50 (1-4 hrs.) | $100 (4+ hrs.)
  • C: $75 (1-4 hrs.) | $150 (4+ hrs.)
  • D: $200 (1-4 hrs.) | $300 (4+ hrs.)

Additional Equipment/Fees

Registration Table - no charge

Projector with laptop, computer speakers, and remote presentation tool

  • A: No charge
  • B: $25
  • C: $50
  • D: $75

PA Sytem (2 microphones)

  • A: No charge
  • B: $25
  • C: $50
  • D: $75

PA Sytem (3-7 microphones)

  • A: No charge
  • B: $50
  • C: $75
  • D: $100

Concert PA System (8+ microphones, up to 16 channels; also requires an event tech to operate)

  • A: No charge
  • B: $100
  • C: $150
  • D: $200


  • No charge

Dance Floor

  • A: No charge
  • B: $25
  • C: $50
  • D: $75

Staging (up to 8' x 24')

  • A: No charge
  • B: $25
  • C: $50
  • D: $75

Microphones (per microphone)

  • A: No charge (wired) | No charge (wired)
  • B: No charge (wired) | $10
  • C: $10 | $20
  • D: $20 | $30

Custom A/V set-up is also available, please contact the Union Staff for details at 828.250.3832


Type Group A Group B Group C Group D
Event Tech* $12.00 $12.00 $15.00 $15.00
Game Room (if closed)* $8.00 $8.00 $10.00 $10.00
Building Manager* $9.50 $9.50 $12.00 $12.00
Guest Services Desk Attendant* $8.00 $8.00 $10.00 $10.00
Early Open Fee No charge $25.00 $50.00 $75.00

*cost is per event hour

Tabling Guidelines

  • For the purpose of this policy, “tabling” is defined as any social event that requires a table space to be reserved by through Highsmith Student Union by a UNC Asheville student organization or University Department.  The primary purposes of tabling are
    • Promotion of Organization
    • Exchange of information
    • Fundraising
  • Table reservations for Departments should be made through Virtual EMS or Guest Services Desk at least three business days prior to the event. 
  • Table reservations for Student Organizations should be made through the Student Organization Meeting Request Form at least three business days prior to the event.
  • Cancellations must be made within 24 hours before an event in order to avoid penalty.  (See loss of scheduling privileges.)
  • Tables reserved inside Highsmith Union will be setup in advance by Highsmith staff.
  • Tables reserved outside must be checked out from the Guest Services Desk located on the second floor of Highsmith.  If needed, a Highsmith staff member will set-up the outdoor table when the user checks in. A UNC Asheville OneCard will be held at the Guest Services Desk, until the group is finished with tabling.  Groups must check out with the Guest Services Desk when they finish tabling outside.
  • Tables must be staffed by the requesting group during the duration of their reservation.
  • Student Organizations and University Departments are not permitted to reserve tables for non-university groups/vendors.*
  • Non-University Groups are allowed to purchase tabling space.  Reservations must be made through the Assistant Director for Business and Information Services.

*Associate Director for Highsmith Operations reserves the right to make exceptions when appropriate.

Concession Stand Forms

All events requesting to use the popcorn or soda fountain machine must have an approved request form on file with Highsmith. Forms are located on UNCA Now:

Forms should be completed and submitted 5 business days prior to the event.

Highsmith Demonstration and Protest Policy

Students, student organizations, faculty, and staff at UNC Asheville have the right to express their opinions, both publicly and privately. They may always support whatever causes they like, as long as they do so by orderly means that do not disrupt the regular and essential operations of Highsmith Union, UNC Asheville, or the community. It should be made clear to the academic and larger community that students or student organizations, and individual members of the faculty or staff, speak only for themselves, not for the University as an institution, in their public expressions or demonstrations. 

UNC Asheville does not allow disruptive behavior at community events in the Union. Disruptions may include purposeful blocking the view of others at the event, banners or items that block the audience's view, or noise or action that disrupts the ability of the audience to hear.

If an event is disrupted by a group or individual, a representative of the University may request the action to stop or ask the person or group to leave the event and move to an approved location for protesting. Individuals or groups who disrupt an event or fail to leave when asked are in violation of the Community Code of Standards and may be in violation of cooperating with University Officials. These violations of University policy may result in University discipline. Disruption may also result in arrest and criminal charges such as disorderly conduct or trespass.

For specific events and during specific times of the year, UNC Asheville invites the public to join us at events and extends free speech and expression privileges during these events. Any individual or group who disrupts an event and is unwilling to respect University policy or to comply with the requests of University officials will be asked to leave UNC Asheville property. Failure to comply may result in arrest for unlawful trespass or other criminal violations.

You can view the full policy here.