UNC Asheville Student Handbook Policies & Procedures

All Fraternities and Sororities at UNC Asheville, and their members, are required to abide by federal and state law, in addition to policies and procedures outlined in the UNC Asheville Student Handbook, including:

Inter/national Fraternities & Sororities, and their members, must also abide by policy and procedure set by their inter/national organization's offices. 

Fraternal Information Programming Group (FIPG) 

The Fraternal Information Programming Group (FIPG) was initially founded to help offset rising insurance costs for Greek-letter organizations through the sharing of resources and development of effective risk management plans and practices. Today, FIPG represents over 70% of all men's and women's fraternity members in North America. All four UNC Asheville Fraternities & Sororities are FIPG member organizations. FIPG is a consortium of men's and women's fraternities and sororities which provides leadership in establishing and developing policies and practices for member organizations, educates and supports undergraduates, alumni/ae and Greek systems in risk management, and works to improve and enhance the image and reputation of all Greek-letter organizations through risk management.

Visit The Fraternal Information Programming Group (FIPG) online for more information on effective risk management plans and practices and to view the most recent version of FIPG's Risk Management Manual.