What is NowPoints?

NowPoints is a new program exclusively for UNC Asheville students to win prizes for attending campus-sponsored events. Spearheaded by Highsmith Student Union, this program is inclusive of all campus-wide events and is centrally channeled through the UNCA Now mobile app. The program is free and open to all currently registered UNC Asheville students.

How to Play

  1. Open the UNCA Now app to check the latest student events on campus.
  2. Go to the event and have your OneCard scanned to earn NowPoints.
  3. Go to the NowPoints Auction on December 1 and bid on the prizes you want! The more events you attend throughout the semester, the more NowPoints you have to cash in on big prizes!

Where to Find NowPoints Events

  1. On the UNCA Now App, click an event you’re interested in to find the point value.
  2. Follow @HighsmithUnion on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest on upcoming events and point promotions!

NowPoints Rules and Regulations

  1. Eligibility Requirements: You must be a currently enrolled student to earn NowPoints and participate in the NowPoints Auction on December 1.
  2. Qualifying events must be free and open to all UNC Asheville students.
  3. Members of the sponsoring organization(s) are not eligible to receive NowPoints for their event.
  4. Points values are determined based on event type. Double or triple NowPoints promotions are available for limited times only.
  5. If an event is cancelled, no points will be earned.