Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered below, contact the Student Organization Programming Supervisors (

For additional information on student organization management and procedure, see the SOC Resources page and the Student Organization Handbook 

Programming Supervisors located in HIG 216.

Budgeting and Purchasing

How do I spend my club’s Campus Commission or SOC money?

You have several options for using your organization’s funds:

Student Organization Online Purchasing Request form: Anything that can be ordered online can be requested through this form. You will need to provide URLs and specific product details

Receipt reimbursement: Receipts can be dropped off at the programming supervisor office, HIG 216. There is an envelope outside the door with slips to fill out. Reimbursement checks will be mailed to the reported address within 3 weeks.

Invoices: If you receive an invoice for catering, an independent contractor, or a performer, this should be emailed to AND our office administrator.
Ordering pizza: If you would like to order pizza for an event, please email Audrey Graser ( at least 3 DAYS prior to your event. Be sure to include event title, date, time, and details for the order.

*For all receipt reimbursements and invoices: you MUST log attendees in Presence using CheckPoint or by adding attendees after the event.


Do I have to present to the SOC to use my organization’s Campus Commission funds?

No! In order to use funding your organization received through campus commission, simply submit an updated line item budget through the Student Organization Budget and Leadership Change form. You may then use any of the methods listed above to spend your club funds.


How do I know how much money my org has?

For budget inquiries, email your programming supervisors (


How do I request funds for my organization?

Student organizations have two main opportunities for requesting funds:

Campus Commission: this is a yearly process which takes place each April, where organizations can apply for funding for the following school year. Organization leaders will receive details via the SOC e-newsletter in late March regarding the application process

Student Organization Council: for organizations who did not apply for Campus Commission or who need additional funding for programs or travel, you may apply to present at one of the bi-weekly SOC meetings throughout the school year. Program Funding Requests must be submitted one week prior to the SOC meeting in which you would like to present; Travel Fund Requests must be submitted two weeks in advance


Can my organization have a bank account for fundraising?
If you raise money for your organization and would like to place it in a secure account, contact Stan Sweeney ( to request an 8-fund. You may make purchases using your 8-fund through the same channels as your student organization budget. Just be sure to specify the account you would like to draw from (for Purchase Requests, receipt reimbursement, or payment of invoices and honorariums)


How do I access my event pin code?

Follow these 4 steps and watch the video tutorial here

1. Log in using your OnePort account and head to the Admin Dashboard

2. Hover over "Manage" and click "Organizations"

3. Select your org and navigate to the "Events" tab

4. Pins for approved upcoming events will be on the righthand side of your screen


How do I log attendees after an event?

Follow these 5 steps and watch the video tutorial here

1. Log in using your OnePort account and head to the Admin Dashboard

2. Hover over "Manage" and click "Organizations"

3. Select your org and navigate to the "Events" tab

4. Find your event and select "Attendees" from the dropdown menu next to the  :  symbol

5. From this screen you can add attendees by typing or copy/pasting OneCard numbers


How do I use the pin code and app for check in?

Download Checkpoint by Presence from the App Store or Google Play. Use your Admin login (OnePort username and password) to log in and input the 4 digit pincode associated with your event. The code will not work outside of the event time reported.


What happens if I can’t access my Admin Dashboard or Checkpoint won’t let me log in?

Email your programming supervisors at
They can ensure your permissions are up to date and offer alternatives. Please allow 24-48 hours for response during weekdays.


How do I reserve a table for my org?

If you wish to table for your student organization to promote your events or club, you may submit the Student Organizations Publicity Reservation Request


How do I reserve a space?

For meetings and recurring events: submit the Meeting Reservation Request form

For one-time events: submit the Event Registration form on the Forms page or access by clicking Create > Event from your Admin Dashboard

*All student organization activities should be submitted through Presence. Registration of events and recording attendance is required to remain in good standing and qualify for funding


Can my club have an email account?

Yes! Contact your club’s faculty advisor to request an email account through the university web server.


What spaces can I reserve?

By submitting the Event Registration form our reservationist, Silke Crombie (, can book nearly any space on campus. This includes (but is not limited to)  Highsmith, classrooms, outdoor spaces, and the Sherrill Center.* You must receive a confirmation from Silke in addition to approval for you event.

*After hours events in Sherrill and other campus venues may require a fee. This can be paid out of your organization’s fund.