Building Policies


  • No Smoking, including e-cigarettes/vapes
  • No drugs or alcohol
  • No weapons or firearms
  • Use of bicycles, skates, and skateboards are not permitted in the building
  • No running in the building  


  • Footwear is required in all areas of Highsmith Student Union.
  • Footwear is required for the health and safety of all patrons of Highsmith Student Union.
  • All individuals not wearing footwear will be asked to leave the building or put on footwear.


  • Animals are not permitted inside any University building. Service and laboratory animals are exceptions to this rule.
  • Therapy animals or assistance animals are not permitted in Highsmith Student Union, unless prior approval has been granted. Pets and/or other animals are not allowed.


Posting Policy

Student organization events and activities must be approved through Highsmith Student Union prior to requesting approval of materials for posting.

Bulletin Boards in Highsmith Union

Highsmith Student Union monitors and approves all information posted on bulletin boards in the Highsmith Union.

  • All information posted on the University Bulletin Boards must be approved by Highsmith Student Union.
  • Posting materials may be dropped off at the Gust Services Desk, located on the second floor of Highsmith Union, during operating hours for approval.
  • Every copy of an approved flyer will be marked with a stamp by a Highsmith staff member.
  • Any material posted on the University Bulletin Board without an approval stamp will be removed.
  • Only one 11x17 (or smaller) event flyer is allowed per bulletin board.
  • Flyers can be posted for a maximum of two (2) weeks.
  • A Highsmith staff member will be responsible for posting and taking down all materials on the University Bulletin Boards.
  • Sponsoring organization, event name, date, time, location, and contact information must be included on all flyers
  • All non-university related material must be posted on the General Bulletin Board.
  • Any material posted on the general bulletin board may be taken down at the discretion of a Highsmith staff member.  Bulletin boards will be maintained on a weekly basis.


University Bulletin Boards are located in Highsmith Union on the first floor

  • All information posted on the University Bulletin Boards must be relevant to UNC Asheville.
  • Posted materials must be associated with a University recognized student organization or department.

A General Bulletin Board is located in HIG 106.

  • Open for public postings.