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Tim Mooney One Man Show: Lot o’ Shakespeare and Moliere Than Thou

Link to Tim Mooney’s web page:

Lot o’ Shakespeare

Monday, September 30th at 8:00pm

UNC-Asheville’s Humanities Lecture Hall

Free and open to the public

Timothy Mooney has memorized one monologue from every Shakespeare play, capturing the most stirring speeches, the most wicked double-entendres, and the most delicious sonorous soliloquies ever to emerge from Shakespeare’s pen! Following rave reviews at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and around the United States, Lot o’ Shakespeare is a dynamic tour deforce of vocal and physical pyrotechnics.

Lot o’ Shakespeare features 38 monologues chosen entirely at random by the spinning of a Bingo cage! The audience plays along on their individual "IAGO" cards, and the first to match four plays in a row wins a t-shirt! And while the game turns it all into fun, in the process the audience discovers the breadth, the excitement and genius of Shakespeare in passionate scenes of action, character and power!

Mooney’s performance is literate, enthusiastic, and athletic, bounding from Shakespeare’s hilarious Comedies, to his passionate Tragedies, to his epic histories, all at the drop of a ping-pong ball! Audiences everywhere have been astonished to discover just how contemporary, vivid and playfullyfulfilling these plays are. KC Stage (5 Stars) called it “energetic and engaging… a 60-minute tour de force!”

Moliere Than Thou

Tuesday, October 1st at 8:00pm

UNC Asheville’s Humanities Lecture Hall

Free and open to the public

In the course of his [85-minute] one-man play, Timothy Mooney seduces the audience with a complexity of language that is a sensual delight. Mooney parades through the best loved plays of France’s beloved playwright, Moliere. Molière Than Thou reinvigorates Renaissance theatre and the court of Louis XIV.

Mooney’s performance is literate, enthusiastic, and athletic. The play won a “Best of” award from the San Francisco Fringe Festival, and was listed first of the “Top Ten Artistic Events of 2006” from the Chattanooga Pulse.


The Institute for Emerging Issues is excited to present prize opportunities for high school and college students who develop new ways in which North Carolina can help teachers and improve our state’s education systems. To this end, IEI is announcing two prize opportunities, one for high school students and one for college students, to submit ideas that will help revolutionize the classroom and teaching experience for our state’s educators. 

The inaugural State Employees Credit Union (SECU) Emerging Issues Prize for Innovation challenges students at two- and four-year colleges and universities throughout North Carolina to develop new and innovative ways to support our state’s K-12 teachers. We recognize that our educational system is not the only means of support. We must look at the roles businesses, parents, and the broarder community play in helping our state develop a world class teaching workforce. Students may select one of four topics to respond to, representing education, health, the natural and built environments, and the economy.  Winners in each category will receive $50,000 in cash and mentorship to turn their ideas into reality. For more information, go to 

Alternative Spring Break Leadership Role

Is anyone interested in participating in an Alternative Spring Break this year? We are looking for dedicated students who wish to take on a leadership role in being an active member in the planning process of the trip, and then serve as a peer leader to their fellow students over the course of the trip.

If interested please contact Sara Brown at the Key Center,